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We’ve come this far by faith….
Wednesday evening July 29, 1953 the organization of the Miracle Missionary Baptist Church was born. A group of representative ministers and pastors of the Western Baptist State Convention formed the recognition council. Among those present were the Revs. J. L. Caston, minister, Trinity Baptist Church; Elliott Brown, minister, Calvary Baptist Church, Santa Monica; W. L. Robinson, minister, Faithful Central Baptist Church; Elliott Brown, minister, Evangelistic Baptist Church; F. H. Prentice, minister, Mt. Zion Baptist Church; G. W. Hubert, representing Rev. J. R. Henderson, minister Second Baptist Church; Rev. Horace N. Mays, Director of Christian Education, Western Baptist State Convention and Rev. Landencraft acting minister, First Baptist Church, Venice, California. Dr. J. L. Caston, President of the Western Baptist State Convention was elected Chairman of the Council. Rev. Elliott Brown was elected secretary. The chairman invited those who wished to unite with the Church by letters from other Churches to come forward. Eleven people responded, among them were Rev. Lawrence A. Felix, Susan Felix, Larry Felix, James L. Raiford, Evelyn Raiford, Rosa Raiford, Eugene Allen, Bessie Mae Allen, Pertaniel M. Tucker, Felix Shofner and Louise Shofner.
After receiving these people by letter it was motioned by Rev. W. P. Carter and seconded by Deacon Claude Jolly of the Trinity Baptist Church that the Council would recognize the new Church as a regular Missionary Baptist Church. The motion prevailed.
After brief comments by the Chairman, it was moved by Deacon James Raiford and seconded by Bro. Fred James that Rev. Lawrence A. Felix would be extended a call as Pastor of the Miracle Missionary Baptist Church. The motion was carried unanimously. The first act of the newly elected Pastor was to extend an invitation to those present to unite with the Church. There were twenty-eight people who united by Christian Experience. They were Edward Withers, Patricia Phillips, Birda Crisp, Bernice Crisp, Oscar Crisp, Eunice Steverson, Sam Steverson, Bernice Allen, Ouida Allen, Johnnye Brown, Mary Chester, Willie B. King, Virgie Steverson, Lula Mae Johnson, Vida Hicks, Emma Hayes, Jimmie Whitfield, Stephen Hopkins, Onie Garrett, Sherman Garrett, Fred James, Louise James, Elisha Hayes, Geraldine Phillips, Mary Jo House, Charles House, and Ruth Holmes. There was a great time of rejoicing when Mrs. Juanita Robinson came forward and accepted Christ as her Savior.
A charge to the new Church and Minister was given by Rev. W. P. Carter. The first public worship service was held on Sunday, August 2, 1953. It was a joy to meet so many new faces who seemed eager to be present at the service. The minister delivered the first sermon from the text: “Sanctify Yourselves for Tomorrow Jehovah will do Wonders Among You”. Joshua 3:5. Subject: “Preparing for the Wonder Working Power of God. After the message, nine people joined the Church with Christian Experience, two by letter and one as a candidate for baptism.
In the afternoon a great Mass Meeting was held with Rev. W. L. Robinson, minister of the Faithful Central Baptist Church, Los Angeles. Also bringing greetings were Drs. J. R. Henderson, Ralph L. Mayberry, Horace N. Mays and others. Hundreds of people from various churches thronged the edifice to witness this great service.
Holy Communion Service was observed in the evening. At this time the fifty people who had joined the Church in less than four days were given the Right Hand of Fellowship. Thus the day closed with the congregation singing, “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross”. From all indications it appeared that the Church’s future was bright. Why should it not be? Are we not serving a God who is able to do all things?
From Sunday, September 27th to Sunday, October 25, 1953, Entrance Services and Pastor’s Installation were observed. Dr. J. L. Caston, president, Western Baptist State Convention and Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church installed our pastor as the first minister of the Miracle Baptist Church. On Sunday afternoon, October 25th 1953, Dr. T. M. Chambers, pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church preached the Dedicatory Sermon for the Church. During these special services over $2,000.00 was raised. The Sunday School presented its first Christmas exercises and pageant on Sunday, December 20, 1953 before a capacity congregation. Our Superintendent, Mrs. Pertaniel M. Tucker and Director of the pageant, Mrs. Ethelyn Henderson deserve much credit for the success of this pageant.
Our first Annual King and Queen rally was held on Tuesday evening March 30, 1954. This was an outstanding social and financial event of our Church life. Mr. Albert Henderson, who raised almost $300.00, was crowned the first “King of Miracle”. Mrs. Robbie Ward, who raised almost $150.00, was crowned the first “Queen of Miracle”. The total amount raised was $1,250.00.
Our first Easter Services were crowded to capacity. Over five hundred people were present. The Lord blessed us in a marvelous way.
The Missionary Society under the supervision of the Pastor’s wife, Mrs. Susan Felix presented its first Annual Missionary Day on Sunday, May 30, 1954.
The Merry Miracles, a fine youth organization of our church, under the direction of Miss. Gloria Barrett, held a fine Young People’s Day on Sunday June 27, 1954.
As we look back over the first year’s journey we can say the Lord has worked many Miracles among us. During the first year, three hundred and forty people united with the Church. Of this number about fifty have been candidates for baptism. The Church has grown spiritually. The Lord has sent us many well-trained and consecrated workers. All of the auxiliaries are functioning smoothly. The people have learned to support their Church with their presence and their finances. During the first year over $12,000.00 was raised.
The Church contributes to home and foreign Missions, sick and needy members, the Western Baptist State Convention, Red Cross, Community Chest, Infantile Paralysis and other worthwhile organizations. We have already established a scholarship fund for worthy young people of our Church. Our first Vacation Church School, of which Mrs. Theresa Tate was principal had an enrollment of fifty children. It was helpful in the ministry to the boys and girls of the community.
We wish to thank the Los Angeles Baptist City Mission Society for making it possible for this new Church to have its beginning in one of the finest church plants in the city. God has blessed us with continual growth and the accumulation of material assets and property valued over $150,000.00. We have endeavored to maintain a vigorous evangelical Bible centered preaching and teaching ministry.
To Dr. Horace N. Mays we wish to express our appreciation for recommending us to the Los Angeles Baptist City Mission Society for this work. He has helped us in numerous ways to establish an effective Church in a needy community.
As we face the future, we are unafraid, for the things that are impossible with man are possible with God.

Lawrence A. Felix, Pastor & Founder