What Is Baptism?

Baptize means to immerse, submerge; to make whelmed (i.e. fully wet); used only (in the New Testament) of ceremonial ablution. In its simplest form baptism is a public identification with Jesus the Christ. As such it pictures the death of Jesus for the sins of the world, His subsequent burial, and His triumphant resurrection.Baptism is a public confession of faith, an initiatory ordinance of a new believer desiring to be obedient to Christ (Acts 8:35-38).

What Does Baptism Mean?
Baptism does not mean regeneration (new life/rebirth) or forgiveness of sins. It states the fact of an event that has already transpired beforehand. Essentially it is an outward symbol of an inward reality-genuine conversion. It symbolizes submission to Christ, a willingness to live God’s way and identification with God’s covenant people. It demonstrates repentance, humility and willingness to turn from sin.

Its not the water of baptism that saves but God’s grace accepted through faith in Christ.
It means obedience to the command of Christ
Mark 16:16. Believing comes before baptism.

-It means separation by death from sin. Col 3:3
-It means identification with Christ rom. 6:4-13

-Identification in His death Rom 6:5
-Identification in His burial Rom 6:4
-Identification in His resurrection Rom 6:4
-Association with Christ’s body. 1Cor 12:13

What Happens When Your Baptized?
When Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit, the entire person is transformed by the Spirit’s power.We receive the Holy Spirit (are baptized with Him) when we receive Jesus Christ as our Savior. The Spirit marks the beginning of the Christian experience.We cannot be Christians without His Spirit, we cannot be joined to Christ, adopted as his children or in the body of Christ.

First Sunday in April Baptism

Last Sunday, April 7th during communion, Sis. Mia and Sandra Anderson was baptized in Jesus’s name. Praise God for their decision to accept Jesus Christ in their heart as their Lord and Savior and for the fellowship of us praising God for our soul salvation and future home with him.