Serving in and out of season. Winning souls for Christ. Showing up time after time. Preaching and living out the word. This month and every month, we pause to show our pastor how much his support and guidance mean to us. God has blessed us with a noble, amazing man to lead us to his kingdom. Not only does our Pastor preach and teach the word, but he shows up at the bedside when we’re sick or our loved ones are ill. He counsels us, performs baby dedications, baptisms, and funerals, attends graduations, prom sendoffs, weddings, and so much more. He’s always one call away. May God continue to bless him and our ministry in the years ahead. Pastor, you are indeed one of a kind.

Children’s Sunday Appreciation Kickoff Service

Last week’s worship service, our children and youth served on the program. They did an amazing job! From filling the choir stand and blessed us with the song “God Will Supply All Your Needs.” Sis. Sandra Anderson read our morning announcements, and Sis. Amayah Crowe welcomed our visitors. The praise dancers (Sis. Davonna Watson, Alexa Davis, Ti’Ana and Tamara Lipton, JJ, Meah, and Peiyton West) lifted our spirits as they praised God through dance. Bro. Daniel Royster led us in the morning prayer, and Bro. Caleb Moss was on the program for reading scripture. Sis. Meah West spoke about what her pastor means to her. She spoke so eloquently and with poise. Rev. Curtis Moss, Jr. brought the message from II Timothy 4:1-4. He informed us of the double charge the apostle Paul gave to Timothy about preaching the word of God. My heart was full, and God’s name was praised.

Women’s Sunday Appreciation Service

Last week, our godly, gorgeous, and gifted women of Miracle showed up, and they showed out! Their presence was evident all over the sanctuary. They came dressed in uniform, sang, and served to the glory of God. The choir stand was filled as they worshiped the Lord through song. Over thirty-five women were using their melodious voices in song.

During the worship service, my heart was moved with heartfelt emotions as I sat and took it all in. The songs sung, the words preached, and the reflections given touched me and everyone in attendance. Our escorts, Bro. Paul William and Sis. Susan Williams led us down the center aisle in grand style, Sis. Karen Floyd and Sis. Cynthia Jones directed the choir. Sis Linda Divine prayed for us, Sis Patsy Howard read the morning announcements, and Sis Brenda Sasser and company welcomed us creatively and uniquely, Sis. Vernetta Burnaugh spoke on the theme of what her pastor means to her. She spoke with such passion and candidness, sharing from her personal perspective. To top it off, Rev. Kim Gaston, Pastor of the South Vermont Missionary Baptist Church, sermon from II Timothy 4:2 was refreshing and informative and ministered to our hearts. What a blessed time we had together in worshipping the Lord.

Men’s Appreciation Sunday

Also, last Sunday was the close of the Pastor’s Appreciation Celebration. And what a celebration it has been! Last Sunday was Men’s Day. The men stood up, and God stood with them as they lend

their voices in song. They packed the choir stand and sang high praise to God through song. Bro. Kriston led the song “I Am on the Battlefield” with such conviction. The Holy Spirit’s presence was in this place!

Again, I want to thank everyone for their contribution to helping make this celebration a blessing from the Lord. Thank you to the escorts, Bro. Jeremiah Scott and Sis. Sharon McNeal, the Men’s Choir, 22 plus men, for blessing our hearts through song. Bro. Kriston Guillot as he prayed for us, Bro. DeUndra Williams for reading the morning announcements, Deacon Wendell Williams for welcoming our visitors, and Deacon Benjamin Williams, Jr. for reading the scriptures. The West family for blessing our men with classic boutonnieres, Sis. Peggy Jackson for the beautiful and festive decorations, Sis. Kelly Smith and Sis. Jennifer Thompson photographers, musicians Bro. Carl Cloud, John Jackson, DeUndra Williams, and Sis Willie McCrumby. Deacon Howard White for sharing what his pastor means to him. Bro. White used CHRIST as an acronym to describe me and our speaker, Rev. Curtis Morris, Pastor of the Grove Christian Bible Church. He spoke from the subject, “Don’t leave God”. God used him to share with us what God gives to His church as a pastor. He’s a gift, gastronomy, guide, and God’s man.

Special thanks go to the P.A.C. (Pastor’s Appreciation Committee) for their leadership.

Deacon Eddie Tinson, Chair, Deacon Eric Russell, Bro. Myron Watkins, DeUndra Williams, John Woolfolk, Sis. Cynthia Jones, Rhonda Clemons, Peggy Jackson, Diedre Bobo, Bobby Broussard. To my stylist, Deacon Eric Russell, who ensured that I was coordinated and dressed to a “T” from head to toe. Thank you to Rev. Curtis Moss and the Deacons for conducting the services and to Bro. Kriston Guillot with the Media Ministry for the colorful displays on the monitors.

Church, words cannot adequately express my gratitude for the overwhelming outpouring of love and support from the Miracle Missionary Baptist Church family. Thank you for your love, support, generosity and for allowing me to serve you for these seventeen years. To my family, thank you to my beautiful wife and only lady for sticking by my side and to our children and grandchildren for your support. Church, I desire to be pleasing to the Lord and this ministry.