Scripture printed text: John 4:25-42


John writes about the barriers Jesus crossed in speaking with the Samaritan woman. Jesus meets the Samaritan woman as she comes to draw water from the well. There Jesus initiates the conversation with the woman at the well, and said to her give me to drink. Because of the social customs, the woman did not expect Jesus to speak to her. Both Jews and Samaritans were descended from ancient Israel, their religious practices and beliefs were slightly different and there was long standing hostility between them. Jesus asked her to draw physical water for Him and He promised to give her living water. The woman responded by saying that she had nothing to draw water with, but inquire about the living water Jesus offers her. The woman ask Jesus if He was greater than their father Jacob who gave them this well. Jesus told the woman, whosoever drinks of the water he gives, will never thirst again. Because the water shall be a well of water springing up into everlasting life.


The woman asked Jesus to give her this water so she thirst not and don’t have to come draw water from the well again. Jesus revealed to the woman that He knew everything about her. As the conversation progressed, the Samaritan woman realized that Jesus was no ordinary Jewish man, and before the disciples returned, Jesus reveals Himself to be Israel’s long awaited Messiah. The woman said to Jesus that she knew the Messiah cometh who is called Christ; He will tell them all things. Jesus said to the woman, I that speak unto thee am He. The woman leaves her water jug at the well and runs to tell the good news of the man who told her everything she ever done. She said come see a man which told me all things that ever I did; is not this the Christ?


While the Samaritan woman was in the city sharing her testimony, the disciple encouraged Jesus to eat, but they received an unexpected response. Jesus explained that His food was the work God sent Him to do. Jesus told the disciples that the fields were ripe for harvesting and they entered into the labor which others had already begun. And many of the Samaritans of that city believed on Jesus because of the woman’s testimony of Him. Jesus tarried with them for two days, and many more believed because of His own word.


Church, we are all called to evangelize, so let us fulfill our calling. Go out and share the good news about Jesus so when people hear, they will be saved. Because only Jesus provides salvation to all who will believe on His name. Our mission fields are already ripe for presenting the gospel message to the world. While we have time, take every opportunity to witness to people before it’s too late. Give your testimony to others about how Jesus saved your life and how He can save their lives also. As believers, we are commanded to go out and share the gospel message about Jesus. Are you sharing the good news about Christ with others? Our job is to share, and Jesus job is to save!