In this lesson, Joseph reveals himself to his brothers. God used Joseph to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams that lead to Pharaoh promoting him second in charge of all Egypt. During the famine, Egypt was the only place to buy food. When Joseph brothers came to buy food, they did not recognize Joseph their brother, but Joseph recognized them.

Joseph revealed himself, and comforted his brothers, by telling them who he was and for them not to grieve or be angry with themselves for what they did to him. Joseph told his brothers that God was orchestrating His plans and purpose for them through him. Joseph informs his brother that God used him and them to preserve his family. Joseph reunites with his family and provided for them.

Church, let’s really get this lesson that deals with genuine love, forgiveness and understanding of God’s will and work for us. God directs our lives to help others. Learning these lessons about how God uses us will help us not hold grudges, resentment or retaliation towards others. Let us do like Joseph, and reveal to them how God uses His people to provide comfort for them. If God is allowing you to experience some adversity, He’s working it out for His own glory. Pray and ask God to reveal His plans for your life, so that you will grow and appreciate God’s providential care for you.