Scripture Printed Text: Nehemiah 2:11-20


The book of Nehemiah is about one man’s love, dedication and faithfulness to both his God and his country. How one person can motivate a whole nation to accomplish things that they would not be able to do under normal circumstances. NEHEMIAH-Personal name meaning “Yahweh comforts or encourages” Born in exile and grew up in the faith of his fathers, and he loved Israel.  He was a leader who was among the first to return with Zerubbabel from exile to Judah in about 538 B.C. Nehemiah, is the main character in the book that bears his name. He was a contemporary of Ezra and Malachi.


Nehemiah held the distinguished position of cupbearer to the king Artaxerxes of Persia. This was an office of trust; tasting the king’s wine and food, the cupbearer stood between the king and death. That Nehemiah, a Jew and a captive, served this Gentile king in such a strategic capacity was an unusual credit and honor to this man of strong character. While serving in his position, Nehemiah receives visitors from Jerusalem, informed him of the dilapidation of Jerusalem’s walls. The report was so discouraging that it upset Nehemiah to the point that he cried and “mourned for days, and he prayed a confession to God. His grief became apparent to King Artaxerxes who permitted him to go to Jerusalem. 


When Nehemiah arrived to Jerusalem, his first act there was to inspect the walls at night and assess the damage and estimate the work needed to rebuild it. He then called a meeting of the city leaders and discloses why he has come to Jerusalem and convinced the people of the need for a building program. Nehemiah appeals to their love for God and their desire not to bring Him shame. Nehemiah acknowledges God and His divine guidance in the plan to rebuild the wall. Also, he tells of King Artaxerxes support in this effort. The religious leaders overwhelmingly accept his plans collectively to rise up and build the wall. Nehemiah was an excellent leader who demonstrated engineering knowledge and brilliant organizing ability so the work began. 


Nehemiah was determined to rebuild the temple walls of Jerusalem. By doing this, would also, restore genuine worship with the people of God. This kind of sacrifice exemplifies the type of unselfish and motivational service always needed when great work is to be achieved. Because God’s hand was upon Nehemiah, enabled him to not only build the temple walls, but to establish the economic and social stability of the Jewish community. Doing a great work for God, always comes at a cost. Whatever the cost might be, will always be worth it in the end. What work is needed in the ministry where you are? The work of rebuilding people lives, cleaning up a community, lending a helping hand to those in need. Pray and ask God to motive leadership in working towards doing a great work for God.