Scripture text: Jeremiah 21:8-14

Jeremiah, one of the Major Prophets, prophesied to Judah that as a result of their practicing evil, were given two unfavorable options. They were to either to surrender and submit to Babylonian authority, or attempt to fight against them which would prove to be ineffective. God said that those who refused to come under Babylonian would die by the sword. This was due to Judah’s lack of concern for the lowly and underprivileged people. When they are taken into captivity, their land also, would be destroyed all because of injustice.

God’s concern is for justice and commands it to be a top priority and not be ignored. This is especially required among leadership. God declares that He will deal with injustices and avenge those who have been victimized by it. Regardless of people’s social economic status, God still requires His people to practice justice and equality.