Printed text: Hosea 11:1-2, 7-10, 12:1-2, 6-14

Hosea one of the minor prophets of the O/T, prophesied to the Israelites and warned them to return to God before it was too late. Israel, once again, had abandoned worshipping God and turned to worshipping man-made gods, which is idolatry. Despite God’s great love and commitment to His people, they rejected His love and continue to disobey His commandments. God brings an inditement also on the leadership, because they failed to teach the people of Israel how to seek and follow after God. This resulted in God calling to bring charge against the people of Israel. However, this charge is coming from God’s continual love for them.

Church, God always desires an intimate love relationship with His people. If we repent from our sins and return back to God, we will receive forgiveness and restoration. God delivers us to devotion to Him only. Today, let us lay down all of our idols and worship the Lord our God. Great is thy faithfulness towards His people.