July 29th, 2023, Miracle Missionary Baptist Church achieved another blessed milestone. In 1953, Miracle was organized by a body of thirty-nine members. By God’s grace and guidance, Miracle has been in existence for 70 years. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! For 70 years, Miracle has been a beacon light in the city of Los Angeles. What a tremendous testament of God’s favor on this ministry.

We have several founding members who united in 1953 still in attendance. Let the celebration begin with opening our mouths and shout hallelujah to the Lord God.  Church, let us praise and thank God for his rich blessings he has bestowed upon this place where His name is hallowed. Reflect and reminisce on the rich history of the church. Share your memorable stories of how you came here and how God used this place to minister to countless lives. It’s all God, and he deserves all the praise. Hallelujah!

Happy Anniversary, Miracle! 

The 70th Church Anniversary slide show tribute is available for those who would like to receive a copy. The link will be sent out on Sunday morning along with the weekly Zoom link and on the church’s website (www.miraclembc.org). Because it is a large file, you must download it in order to view it. 


Church, this is a wonderful keepsake tribute to have. Let us, as a body of believers, commend our Media Ministry Leader, Bro Kriston Guillot, for using his gifts to create this memorable piece of history for our records of the life of Miracle Missionary Baptist Church.