What Does The Lord Require of Me Pt2

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Scripture: Genesis 50:14-24
•Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should!
•Joseph’s heart wouldn’t let him retaliate against his brothers.
•God allows things to happen in your life!

Genesis 50:26-35 “What Does God Require Of Me?” (Family Structure)
•With forgiveness, comes healing – – Let it go and move on!
•When we understand WHO is taking us through and why, it changes everything!
•If you love the Lord, you will forgive – – Do you have family members who need mercy?

I Samuel 15:16-26 “What Does the Lord Require of Me in Leadership?”
•Obedience requires more than just listening; it requires action!
•We all make mistakes! As leaders we also have responsibilities: We have to be merciful to folks who don’t deserve it!
•True worship is born out of obedience!
• Leadership is influence – How are you using your influence?
•You can’t move forward if you keep looking back!
•If you’re not careful, you’ll use your influence to lead someone astray!