Printed Scripture Text: I John 4:2-3, 13-17, 5:4-5


The apostle John writes in this epistle about the fundamental nature of Christian spiritual experience. Also, he gives insight into the condition of the church, how heresy played a critical role and deceptive role in the church. Heresy is opinion or doctrine not in line with the accepted teaching of a church. These false doctrines have crept in the church working at deceiving believers against the truth. John writes that we know the Spirit of God because we believe and confess that Jesus came in the flesh, a real body. And if we confess not these truths, we are not of God. The bible calls them who don’t believe that Jesus came in the flesh, the spirit of the antichrist. Who we have heard of is coming into the world and indeed is already here. Antichrist is one who is opposed to Christ, in the sense of usurping the role of Christ.


The Lesson outline:

  1. Confident Confession (I John 4:2-3, 13-14)
  2. Confident Judgment (I John 4:15-17)
  3. Confident Victory (I John 5:4-5)


The believer’s confident confession is that Jesus was the incarnate Word. Which means the word of God became flesh in the Person of Jesus Christ and dwell among on earth. The Holy Spirit indwells every born again believer and He provides proof of God’s presence in our lives. His presence gives us power to love and confess Jesus, and our faith helps us overcome deception of the antichrist. Our faith helps us testify the truth of God’s word. Confidence confession, is knowing the difference between the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error. 


The believer’s confidence is in love. God’s love is perfected in us. Perfect love does not means we love perfectly, but it is the goal we always keep before us in the person of Jesus. Jesus loves has no flaws because He accepts us with all our imperfections and mistakes, He loves us. Knowing we are perfectly loved by God, removes any and all anxiety and fear of being judged. Because God is love, we put our trust in His love. John connects faith with works, because to live in love is to act with divine love towards all people. God’s Spirit dwelling in us helps to perfect our love. Love does not discriminate!


The believer’s confident victory is in God. Our faith gives us power to discover victory over the world. Whoever is born of God, is an overcomer! The believer’s victory is faith that Jesus is the Son of God. We conquer the world because of our faith in Jesus Christ. The abiding presence of the Holy Spirit enables the believer to live in daily victory over the flesh, the world and the devil. From the beginning to the end, believers are victorious in Christ Jesus. Live in victory daily!