Scripture printed text: John 15:4-17

Jesus continues teaching His disciples before His crucifixion about love. He was preparing them by explaining how to know and practice intimate fellowship with God. Last week, Jesus taught His disciples on Loving by Serving. This week, Jesus teaches them the importance of abiding in His love. He taught by example; He humbled Himself and washed their feet. Also, He teaches them about relationship they must have with the Father and with Him, and with one another. Jesus gave His disciples the conditions, that unless they abide in the Father and in Him, they would not be able to bear fruit or love one another. Jesus is the vine that causes the branches to produce fruit. Apart from Christ, we are helpless to do God’s work or to please Him. To bear fruit, requires one to remain in close contact with the vine, which means abiding in Jesus is necessary for us to bring forth deeds of obedience for God’s glory. Recognizing Jesus as our true source of spiritual life is how we allow the love of Christ to flow into our lives. Then are we able to love one another as Christ loves us. This kind of love is genuine, sacrificial and lasting.

Church, let us continue to abide in Jesus and in the Father so we will bear fruit, love others as He commands us. Our love for one another is evidence of our love for Christ. God desires for us to abide in Him, so we will bear much fruit and thereby glorify Him. Are you abiding and bearing fruit for Christ? Have you been pruned so you can bear much fruit? God prunes us so that we will produce more fruit, because we are in obedience to Him. Let us continue to abide in God’s love, practice obedience to His word. Obedience is essential to an abiding relationship with God the Father.