The apostle John records Jesus teaching on genuine love that results in serving one another. As Jesus hour was approaching and His departure from the earth, He begins to model to His disciple what true service is all about. Jesus after supper rise up and took a towel, poured water into a mason and began to wash His disciple’s feet. But initially, Peter opposed Jesus washing his feet because this was the lowest form of menial service anyone could perform. Jesus tells Peter that if He don’t wash his feet, he has no part with Him. Peter, after hearing this, said to the Lord, not just my feet, but my hands and head. Peter realized that he wanted to be with the Lord forever and was willing to accept whatever Christ was doing.

Foot washing has a two-fold significance. First, it is a symbolic prophecy of Jesus atoning death, which would cleanse from sin and make it possible to inherit eternal life. Secondly, it is a lesson in humility. Jesus tells His disciples that what He has done to them was given them an example that they should do with each other. Jesus knew the importance of His followers to be willing to serve in any capacity He needs them to serve. Because if we love the Lord, will result in serving His purpose.

Church, let us model Jesus example of loving by serving others. In order to do this requires us to humble ourselves even to the lowest level of service. How much do you love God? How important is for you to be with the Lord in heaven? Loving God means serving others. Don’t allow your pride to get in the way of your love for serving Christ. Follow Christ’s example of loving by serving.