Scripture printed text: Luke 5:1-11


Luke writes that after Jesus baptism and temptation in the wilderness, He started His ministry in Galilee. One day while Jesus was teaching and preaching on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, great crowds of people, they pressed in on Him to hear the word of God. The people wanted not just a message about Him, but a revelation from Him. Jesus entered Simon’s boat and begins teaching them. And when he finished teaching, Jesus tells Simon, launch out into the deep and let down your nets to catch some fish. Simon’s initial response to Jesus was that they had worked hard last night and caught nothing. Nevertheless, Simon said to Jesus at your word, we will let down our nets. And they begin to catch fish, so much that their nets begin to tear and the boat contained so many fish that it begin to sink. Simon’s obedience resulted in them catching an overabundance of fishes. At that moment, Simon felled down at Jesus feet, ask Him to depart from him because he was a sinner. Simon was astonished at the great amount of fish they caught and those who were with them. This made him to see how inadequate he was. Jesus comforts Simon and tells him don’t be afraid, from now on I will make you fishers of men. When they came to land, they forsook all and immediately followed Jesus. Simon’s resolve was to forsake all and follow Jesus. This year, what is your resolve?


Church, what a powerful and moving lesson from Simon Peter. How even after he had toiled all night, tired and frustrated with empty nets, yet he obeyed Jesus words. Because of his obedience God blessed him and those that were with him. God’s blessings are always upon them who will obey His word, be willing to forsake all and follow Him. Let us get away from trusting in ourselves, abilities, and move to trusting in Him that knows all, and He’ll make us fishers of men.