Scripture Printed Text: Mark 10:46-52


Mark records Jesus informing and preparing His disciples as they travel to Jerusalem. He tells them the events that will take place, and how He will be delivered unto the chief priests and scribes. They will condemn Him to the gentiles and be scourged, mocked, spit upon and killed. But on the third day He will rise again from the dead.


Jesus, while traveling to Jerusalem with His disciples, James and his brother John, they ask Him to grant them permission to sit on His right and left hand. When the other disciples heard them they were displeased with them. Jesus begins to teach His disciples on leadership in serving and the reason He came to die.


As Jesus passed through Jericho, there was a blind man named Bartimeaus, there sitting beside the road begging. When he heard that was Jesus, begins to cry out, and say Son of David have mercy on me. And many charged him that he should be quiet; but cried the more a great deal. Thou Son of David have mercy on me. Jesus stopped the crowd and called the blind man to Him and asks what do you want me to do for you. Bartimeaus said, Lord that I might see. Jesus told him to go thy way; thy faith hath made you whole. Immediately he received his sight. Bartimeaus, after he received his sight, he followed Jesus. 


Lesson outline:

  1. Faith Uses Available Resources (Mark 10:46-47)
  2. Faith Answers Objections (Mark 10:48-50)
  3. Faith Makes Specific Requests (Mark 10:51-52)


Bartimaeus, sitting by the roadside begging, heard that Jesus was passing by recognized Him as the coming Messiah and believed that he was the Christ. Batimaeus used his voice to get Jesus attention to help him. Because he was aware of Jesus healing, teaching and preaching ministry. Bartimaeus couldn’t see, but he could hear and speak and knew what Jesus could do. God helps those who humble themselves and ask Him for His help. God will have mercy on those who cry out to Him.


Blind Bartimeaus, as he cried out to Jesus, others were disturb and attempted to silence him. But the more they tried to make him hold his peace; he refused and begins to cry louder for the Messiah’s mercy. Bartimeaus, persistence in seeking mercy, Jesus stood still and commanded him to come unto Him. Bartimaeus leaped up and came to Jesus. God hears us when we call Him, even in the face of resistance and obstacles blocking our way. Faith in God, means believing that He’s able to do something about our situation. Don’t be discouraged when it seems like God doesn’t hear your prayer. Keep asking, believing and trusting in God and know He will answer in His own time. God rewards those who persistently seek Him.


Jesus asked Brtimaeus, what He wanted Him to do for him. He responded by saying Lord, that he might receive his sight. Jesus told him to go because his faith has healed him; immediately, he received his sight and he followed Jesus down the road. Bratimaeus ask Jesus for mercy on him to restore his sight. Because he exercised faith in Christ, made his healing possible. 


Also, Bartimaeus recognize Jesus as Lord, knew who He was and what He could do for him. God desire for us to restore our sight, so that we can see Him. Until God gives us sight, we will see everything else but Him. Because everyone who sees Christ, will follow Him. Faith follows faithfully behind the Father of mercy. 


Despite your condition, social status, economy God reaches down to help the lowly, lonely and the lost.