Scripture Printed Text: Isaiah 29:13-24


Isaiah’s name means Yahweh is the source of salvation. Isaiah prophesied during the reign of five kings; Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, and Manasseh. The prophet major emphasis is the prediction of exile because of the nation’s rebellion against God. For sixty years, Isaiah served as the prophet in Judah. This major prophet had a vision of God and was called by God to do God’s work bringing his nation to repentance to save it from a whirlpool of destruction. Yet, they would not turn from their wicked ways and turn back to God. Resulting to punishment by their enemies.


Isaiah, chapter 29, opens with the prophet making a sorrowful declaration upon Jerusalem. He says woe unto them, which means a declaration of warnings for disobedience, followed by blessings for obedience. He predicted how God would deal with the nation’s disobedience. The holy city would be under siege and in mourning because of coming distress at the hand of their enemies. To serve as punishment for their idolatry and self-centeredness.


Isaiah called them out for their hypocrisy, lip service and religious performances. God pronounce spiritual judgment against them. The Lord charges them for not worshipping Him from their hearts. They professed to know God, perform all the acts of worship, but their hearts was not focused on serving God. God desires true worship from the heart. The Lord continues the discourse regarding the foolishness of the wise and pronounces woe on those who think that they can hide their sins from God. People act foolishly thinking that they can hide secrets or anything from the Almighty God, who sees and knows all things.


Isaiah’s prophecy provides hope for the nation’s future. At a time when the wicked would be transformed and the number of the devout worshipers shall increase. Pure and true worship of God will replace general hypocrisy. However, Isaiah does not say when this will take place, but simply affirms that it will be, yet a little while. In that day, the eyes of the blind will see, the meek will increase their joy and the poor shall rejoice. This speaks of a great revival among God’s people. Our prayers should be that God will cause a great revival and reform to His people to return to genuine worship to the living God.