Scripture printed Text-I Kings 22:15-28


I Kings 22, records the kings of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms having trouble accepting the word of God from His prophet. Ahab, the King of Israel wanted Jehoshaphat, King of Judah, to go to war with him to recover Ramoth-gilead. King Jehoshaphat agrees to help Ahab, but first needed counsel from the Lord prior to going into war. King Ahab agrees to listen to god, but not the God of Abraham, instead, he listens to the prophets of Baal. These men are false prophets who informs Ahab only what he wants to hear. They tell King Ahab to go and prosper, for the Lord shall deliver into thine hands. However, King Jehoshaphat, wants to hear from a true prophet of God, not these pseudo- prophets.


Ahab calls his officials to bring forth Micaiah, who is a true prophet, knows the word of God, and no one can prevent him from delivering God’s message. Micaiah, did not avoid delivering God’s word, even when they were unwelcome, discouraging or negative. Whether this would cost him his life, Micaiah was committed to being true to God and His word. King Ahab, asked Micaiah, and he told him what the Lord says. In a vision he saw all of Israel scattered on the mountains, like sheep without a shepherd. The Lord said their master has been killed, send them home in peace. Ahab refuses to hear and heed the warning of defeat and death, because he was too bent on doing what he wanted. Micaiah’s words from the Lord angered Ahab and he put him in prison until he returned from war to shut him up. 


God speaks through His chosen prophet, not through those depending on human appointment and provisions. Micaiah, would die in prison, because Ahab wouldn’t return from war. King Ahab would die in battle and Micaiah would die in prison also. The truth is the truth, and killing a person who tells the truth does not change the truth. Truth will conquer and often with deadly accuracy. Micaiah says in 1Kings 22:14 As the Lord liveth, what the Lord saith unto me, that will I speak. Micaiah, spoke the word God and was willing to suffer any and all consequences that follows. God honors those whom He calls to speak His words, with deviation. King Ahab’s disobedience to hearing God, resulted in his death. Disobedience, always ends in death!