Scripture printed text: Exodus 15:11-21


The children of Israel experience a great deliverance from the hand of the Egyptians. God destroyed Pharaoh and his army by drowning them in the Red Sea. God raised up Moses to lead His people up and out of slavery in Egypt. God’s deliverance was three fold. First, He answered their prayers by plaguing the Egyptians until they surrendered and released the Israelites. Secondly, God performed a miracle; He parted the Red Sea, and the children of Israel crossed over on dry ground. Thirdly, Pharaoh’s army was destroyed as they pursed after the Israelites. God drowned them by closing up the sea on Pharaoh’s army, drowning them all.


Moses and the children of Israel rejoiced and sang praises to the Lord God for His mighty hand of deliverance from the hand of their enemies. The song they sang was a testimony of their gratitude and confirmation of their history. Also, was a song of confession and pronouncement of God’s faithfulness. The Israelites witnessed God’s work, His wonderful acts right before their eyes.


Lesson outline:

  1. Sing to gain strength (Exodus 15:11-13)
  2. Sing to be heard (Exodus 15:14-18)
  3. Sing to remember God’s goodness (Exodus 15:19-21)


The song of the children of Israel asked a question; who is like unto the Lord amongst the gods? The power of God on display, clearly communicated that He’s Lord of all and Lord over all. The Egyptian culture was known for their worship of various gods and goddesses. The children of Israel’s song of praise through answered prayers and a strong deliverance gave them renewed strength to trust in God. By the mighty hand of God, He brought His children up and out of Egyptian bondage. Believers are strengthen knowing God is faithful to hear us and answer when we cry out to Him in faith for help.


Secondly, as the children of Israel left Egypt on their journey to the Promised Land, would meet other nations and share the good news of their deliverance by God. Other will hear their freedom song from slavery and praise to the God of their salvation. Praise God for rescuing His people from bondage so they can serve Him.


Thirdly, their song was a song of remembrance of God’s goodness towards them. God parted the Red Sea, and the children of Israel walked on the dry ground of the sea floor, as God held up the sea walls from crashing on them. When they had completely crossed the sea, Pharaoh’s army pursued after them to kill them. But God commanded the sea to confirm and as the sea closed, the Egyptian army all drowned in the sea. When Miriam witnessed God’s mighty hand, she and other women went out with her with timbrels and dances. Singing the Lord has triumphed gloriously, He has hurled both horse and rider into the sea.


Sing a song of praise to the power and presence of God. Sing songs of deliverance from the hand of our enemies, by the almighty hand of God. Praise Him!