Scripture printed text: Psalm 9:1-12 


A psalm of David


As a result of whom God is and all He’s done in David’s life, David writes a song of confession and confirmation with joyous celebration. His response is full of praising God, with his whole being and expression of God’s wonderful and mighty works. Also, David says that he will rejoice in the Lord, because God has judged in his favor, from His throne with justice and equality. 


David continues to praise God for being a righteous judge, who will judge all nations with fairness. For God will be a shelter to all who places their trust in Him, and a place of refuge in times of trouble. David begins and concludes with singing praises to God who reigns in victory and remembers the cries of the helpless. God is worthy of all praise!


Lesson outline:

  1. A Reason to Praise (Psalm 9:1-6)
  2. A Reason to Believe (Psalm 9:7-12)


The Psalmist David, writes a song of praise to God, for who He is and for all He’s done in his lifetime. David is known for his songs of praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord. Throughout David’s life, he could testify to the goodness of God in every aspect and circumstances that he faced. David acknowledges God’s power, protection, provision and presence, is what motivates him to cease not to offer unto God praises with his whole heart.


Daily God gives us a reason to never cease to sing praises of adoration unto Him for His person and mighty power to deliver us from our enemies. When we pause to reflect back over our lives, we can see the hand of God in operation working on our behalf. Instead of complaining, rejoice and worship God with our whole being. Take time and list your many reasons, and then sing praises and declare His name for His deliverance.


David recognizes and magnifies the Lord God who sits on the throne that He establishes forever. Because God is a good God who is full of righteousness and ruler over His creation. God is a shelter to those who put their trust in Him. God is faithful and just that He will not forget those who are mistreated and abused. God promised to remember the hopeless and helpless and hear them when they cry out unto Him. God promise to avenge those who have been abused by injustice.


Prepare to praise God with thanksgiving and with joyful hearts. As we sing heartfelt praises to God; it should not be done with lip service only, but with our whole mind, body and soul. Has God done marvelous things in your life? If He has, let us cease not to praise and thank him for being the righteous judge who reigns on His throne forever. Also declare and make known to others His wondrous works He’s done for us.

Praise His holy name