Scripture printed text: I Kings 18:5-18


     I Kings 18, records the meeting discussion between Obadiah, King Ahab’s servant and the prophet Elijah. Obadiah is not the minor prophet who wrote the book of Obadiah. However, Obadiah serves as one of King Ahab’s top officials. Obadiah maintained his beliefs in Jehovah, the true and living God.

     King Ahab is recorded as one of the most rebellious king in Israel’s history. He married Jezebel, a Baal worshiper who hated God’s people and encouraged others to worship Baal also. God sent the prophet Elijah to warn Ahab, but he refused to listen to the voice of God. God’s law clearly commanded never to worship false gods, not to invoke their names, not to marry their adherents or practice any of their customs.

     King Ahab instructed his servant Obadiah to go and search for grassy fields for their animals to graze. While searching for a suitable pasture, Obadiah saw Elijah the prophet and he bowed down to the ground before him. King Ahab had been in search of Elijah the prophet, because he wanted him to reverse the curse he gave that will be no rain for a period of time. Finding Elijah meant an opportunity to get the prophet to revere the curse. The announcement of the drought came upon the entire land because of the nation’s sin.

     Elijah told Obadiah to tell his master Ahab that he’s here to meet with him. Obadiah was hesitant to go and report back to Ahab that he met Elijah, because he feared for his life. Obadiah knew that if he told king Ahab that he knew where the Prophet Elijah was and upon the king’s arrival if Elijah was not where he said would mean death. Obadiah knew that the Spirit of God was upon the prophet and directs his life. If the Spirit instructs Elijah to go, he would leave and go where God is leading him to go. Also, Obadiah reminds Elijah of the time when Jezebel sought to kill all the Lord’s prophets and he hid one hundred prophets in two caves and supplied them with food and water. But the prophet Elijah, promised Obadiah that he would remain until he met King Ahab. So Obadiah did as Elijah instructed him to tell King Ahab of his whereabouts. When Ahab saw Elijah, he exclaimed, it is you, you troublemaker of Israel. I have made no trouble for Israel, Elijah replied. You and your family are trouble makers, because you have refused to obey the commands of the Lord and worshiped the images of Baal instead.

     King Ahab was the epitome of evil, because he led the people into Baal worship. Worship of idol gods, provokes God to anger and punishment is certain to come. Reminder; sin always brings consequences upon us, and until we turn from our sinful ways and turn to God, we will suffer the consequences thereof. As God’s people, let us maintain our loyalty and devotion to worshipping the One true living God. God’s blessing and favor are with those who worship Him and Him alone.