Scripture printed Text: II Kings 22:14-20


The book of II Kings 22nd chapter, writes about King Josiah reign as king in Jerusalem. He was eight years old and he reigned for thirty one years. He did what was right in the sight of God. King Josiah dedicated himself to pleasing God and led Israel in their renewed observance to the Mosaic Law. During Josiah’s reign, he begin purifying the people from idolatry, by destroying whatever was not recognized as belonging to the worship of God. Josiah’s aim was to turn the people back to true worship to the Lord. True worship begins when we remove all idol gods and start worshipping the true and living God.


King Josiah gave consent to repair the temple. During the renovations of the temple was going on, Hilkiah, the high priest found a copy of the book of the law. The book was read to King Josiah, after hearing it he tore his clothes, and it caused him distress. Because he realized that God’s people had become far away from their obedience to God. King Josiah inquired of Hilkiah the priest, Shaphan, Ahikam, Shaphan’s son and Asaiah the king’s servant of what should be done to get things right with God. We sometimes go off the path of our devotion to serving God; this turns our heart away from God. When our hearts turns from God, it becomes easy to worship idol gods. Worshipping idol gods, bring God’s judgment upon us.


Huldah, name means mole, she was the wife of Shallum, a prophetess and was consulted on behalf of King Josiah. Huldah told the men to report to Josiah the King the prophesy from the Lord. Huldah prophesied judgment for the nation but a peaceful death for Josiah the King. Huldah prophesy would take place after the death of King Josiah. She prophesied judgment upon the nation, because they had forsaken God. God wants His people to keep their eyes on Him so they will not fall prey to the gods of this world. Also, Huldah prophesied of future judgment and it would come after the death of Josiah the King. Their enemy would come, destroy Jerusalem and carry the nation into captivity. Siege of Nebuchadnezzar, the destruction of the temple and calamity upon the remnant left.


Huldah prophesied God’s judgment would fall upon Israel because they have forsaken Him, and burned incense unto other gods. The nation sin of idol worship brought God’s wrath upon them. God judgment is always against sin. Because sin separates us from God. God desires His people to worship Him, and Him alone. Which means forsaking any and all forms of idol worship. 

When we hear God’s message, we need to heed the warning, because warning always comes before destruction!