Scripture printed text: Romans 10:5-17


The Apostle Paul’s letter to the saints at Rome reaffirms the basic doctrine of salvation by faith, not works. This salvation is available to Jews and Gentiles alike. Preaching is the primary way to spread the gospel and build a foundation of faith to receive salvation. Salvation is the redemptive work of Jesus Christ that has made salvation possible. By believing and receiving the Son, one is born again and becomes a child of God and receives the gift of eternal life.


Born a Jew, Paul was highly educated in the Jewish faith and he understood the doctrine, teaching and working of the law. This contributed to Paul’s opposition and persecution of Christians and their teachings. But after a dramatic conversion while traveling to Damascus to detain and imprison Christians, God changed his life, and he became a defender of the faith and called to reach the Gentiles. Romans 10:5 says Moses describes the righteousness which is of the law, that the man which does these things shall live by them. Which means, anyone who failed in keeping one of the law, failed in keeping the whole law. No one could keep the entire law; it was our school master to lead us to Christ by faith. The law reveals how sinful people are before God. But faith is our way of being right with God, and whosoever believes in Jesus by faith shall be saved. 


Lesson Outline: 

  1. We cannot be saved by the law (Romans 10:5) 
  2. We are saved through Jesus Christ, the only way (Romans 10:6-7) 
  3. We must become Christians, but how? (Romans 10:8-13) 
  4. We must take the good news to others (Romans 10:14-17)


Paul provides knowledge and understanding to Jewish and Gentile believers about the futility of trying to be saved by keeping the law. No one can meet such high standards set by the law, because all are sinners. For a person to be saved by the law, would have to live a perfect life and no one but Jesus Himself could live perfectly, keeping the entire law. God gave the law, not to save us, but to show us how guilty we are before  Him, and our need for saving. No one can be saved by keeping the law.


Salvation comes by faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law with His death, burial and resurrection. What the law couldn’t do is save us from sin, only faith in Jesus is how one receives salvation. Salvation is a free gift from God to all who believes on His Son. Jesus is the only way to God! Not righteousness of the law, but faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.


Belief in Jesus, makes us righteous and in good standing with God. This is done by confession with our mouth and believing in our hearts; that God raised Jesus from the dead makes us saved. There’s no favoritism with God, salvation is offered to all that believes on His Son. This is a simple way, but a sure way to God, by believing in Jesus Christ. 


As a result of salvation, believers are given the responsibility to share the gospel message. Through learning, living, loving, teaching and preaching others will know that you are a follower of Christ. Every born again believer’s duty is to use our gifts and talents to share the good news with others. God is glorified when we evangelized!


Are you using your gifts and talents as a means of spreading the gospel message about Christ? Because faith comes by hearing the word of God. Use your faith to build others faith by speaking the word of God and living the word.