Scripture printed text: Acts 4:32-5:1-11


In the book of Acts chapter 4, Luke records the early church’s purpose, practices and provisions; was to unite under the apostle’s leadership and meet the needs of the Christian community. Oftentimes, Christians were persecuted and treated as outcasts because of their faith. Despite the persecution, the church community is described as a Spirit-filled, praying, loving and united community. The church sought to meet one another’s needs, because they recognized that they were united in their faith in Christ.


Most importantly, the church modeled sacrificial giving. They gave because their identities are rooted in the sacrificial giving of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus gave His life sacrificially for the forgiveness of sin in order to save humanity. This should encourage the believers to do the same, to give sacrificially to one another and to those in need.


Ananias and Sapphira were struck down for lying to the Holy Spirit, because they appeared to be generous, but their acts were hypocritical. Hypocrisy can hurt the church and cause divisions among the believers. Today, this truth is still valid.


Church, let us model after the early church, by uniting together and compile our resources to meet the needs of the Christian community and others also. Our giving and sharing ought to proceed from our hearts without any controversy. What has God blessed you with, that can be used to meet someone’s needs? Are you willing to share your resources so that others will see your genuine love for Christ? God blesses us, so that we can be a blessing to others. Are you blessed? What ways can you demonstrate sharing love? Christ gave His life as a sacrifice, so that His followers will be willing to sacrifice and give to others needs. We are blessed to be a blessing!