Scripture Printed Text: James 2:1-13


James the servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ writes to the brethren concerning having impartial love for one another. He explains the love Christians are to show others in the world. He warns the church about moral behavior to believers. Favoritism is unacceptable. James uses the illustration of two men, one rich and one poor who join in worship. James says partiality begins when the believer pays more attention to the man of higher status, while paying little or no attention to the man of lower status. When we do this, we fail to honor the Lord, because all should receive honor and concern equally. Throughout the bible, Jesus teaches His disciples to love their neighbors as themselves. To do this one must love themselves.


Church, let us not be labeled as having respect of persons. We should treat each other with respect and honor. Partiality and favoritism can plague the church and lead to division. Jesus loves His people equally and without partiality. When people watch us, do they see partial love or impartial love? If we treat people unfairly, we are in violation of God’s law. Which means we are transgressors or law breakers. God calls us to love one another impartially and not judge with favoritism. Let us practice loving people without respect of persons. Whether we are rich or poor shouldn’t cause Christians to be divided.