Jesus exercised great wisdom in preparing His disciples for His departure. During Jesus ministry, He regularly and routinely prepared them for His approaching death, burial and resurrection from the dead. The disciples were saddened by the news because they had left everything to follow Jesus and now He’s leaving them. But Jesus comforts them by telling them not to let their hearts be troubled, but believe in Him because He’s faithful.

Church, let our hearts be comforted in knowing that Jesus is going to prepare a place for us to spend eternity with Him. This preparation requires Jesus to die on the cross to prepare the way for us. Jesus promised to return and take us to where He is. Jesus claims to be the only way, truth and life, and apart from Him there’s no other way to God the Father. Yes this is a narrow way, but a sure way. Reminder: Jesus is going to prepare a place for a prepared people. Are you preparing or procrastinating?