Scripture printed text: Psalm149:1-5, Psalm 150:1-6


Both Psalms 149 & 150 begins and ends with praise the Lord. These two psalms overflow with praise. They show us where, why, and how to praise God. What does praise do? (1) Praise takes our mind off our problems and shortcomings and helps us focus on God. (2) Praise leads us from individual meditation to corporate worship. (3) Praise causes us to consider and appreciate God’s character. (4) Praise lifts our perspective from the earthly to the heavenly. (5) Praise prepares our hearts to receive God’s love and the power of his Holy Spirit.


Lesson Outline:

  1. A Call to Praise (Psalm149:1-3)
  2. God Delights in Praise (Psalm149:4-5)
  3. The Focus of Praise (Psalm150:1-6)


The psalmist calls us to praise the Lord joyfully using our voices, mouths, instruments, and dance. We are not only invited to praise God, but we are commanded to praise with all we have at our disposal. We are commanded to sing not an old song, but a new song unto God, using various instruments to aide us in our worship. Even dancing is encouraged as praise unto God. God calls and commands His people, in every situation to praise Him. Praise Him in our homes, sanctuary, vehicles, community, and share with others our reasons God is so worthy of our praise. The song writer penned these words; every praise is to our God, every word of worship with one accord. Because He our savior, healer, deliverer yes he is. When we think of His goodness, praise should ring out loud.


Secondly, we have reasons to praise. Our cause to praise God, because He’s both Creator and Victor should be enough to give God praise. He never loses and He never will. God takes great pleasure in caring for His people. Those who humbly come to God will find in Him shelter and safety under His wings. Because God hears, helps and holds us, we can rejoice in every situation. Whatever you are going through should not prevent us from praising the Lord’s name. What’s your reasons for praising God?

Thirdly, the conclusion of our praise is focused completely and centrally on the Lord. God deserves all of our praises for His excellent greatness, His mighty deeds of deliverance, His abundant mercies and His great salvation. Where’s your focus when it comes to praising, singing, playing instruments to God? Use whatever you have as a worship tool unto the Lord.


The psalmist begins and ends with praising the Lord. God is to be praise from the rising of the sun, until the going down of the same. Make a joyful noise of praise unto the Lord. For He is Lord over all creation. Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.