Scripture printed text: Psalm 84:1-12


This is a psalm for the sons of Korah. The sons of Korah wrote this psalm and other psalm. These sons were porters and musicians. Their positions meant they dwelt in God’s house, which means their closeness to God’s house prompted their love and desire of God in ways that others may not have felt. How have you felt being in the house of worship? Do you feel a closeness to God, compared to when you are away from His house? God’s house is in the hearts of His people and wherever we are God is there. 


The sons of Korah expresses how beautiful the tabernacle of God is and their strong desire to be in His presence worshipping and sing praises unto His name. They see themselves like the birds that have found a place to nest and raise their young.  What joy fills their hearts to continually be in God’s house. Unspeakable joy and fulfillment in worshipping His holy name. Strength and safety comes from being with God and under His power because they trust in Him. No other place they rather be, but in God’s dwelling place praising Him forever.


Lesson outline:

  1. The Tabernacle of Worship (Psalm 84:1-4)
  2. The Valley of Baca (Psalm 84:5-7)
  3. Reverential Worship (Psalm 84:8-9)
  4. Joy in Worship (Psalm 84:10-12)


The psalmist desire is to worship the Lord God in the beauty of His holiness. He cries out unto God, because all he thinks about is how lovely God is in everything He does, and his longing to be with Him. In the Old Testament, the tabernacle of God moved from place to place, which means God does not remain in one place. In the New Testament, God’s tabernacle is in His people. The tabernacle of God is an honored place. Those who dwell in the presence of God should perpetually praise, worship and adore Him. Today, people should see God in your life; because of your love for others, devotion to serving and worshipping the Lord.


We are blessed to set our hearts on the place of worship. What a joy it is to fix our hearts on God who is the source of our strength and blessings. Even through times of weeping and sorrow, which we all experience in life, but with God those places are bearable because of His presence is with us continually. As we grow closer to God, He restores us and renews our spirit so we can keep praising Him. In what ways can you worship God during your times of pain and problems? Allow the valley of Baca to be a place to draw strength from knowing you are never alone, He’s always there with you.


True worship is recognizing God in all of His majesty so we can approach Him with reverence and awe. Genuine praise comes from knowing He’s creator and ruler of everything. God desires for His people to reverence Him and to come unto Him in prayer, making our petition known. God is faithful and just to hear us and answers us in His own way, own time. What’s stopping you from respectfully approaching God in prayer?


The psalmist concludes with being in God’s presence for just one day, is far better than a thousand days anywhere. The psalmist seeks to dwell in God’s presence singing and praising His name and nothing compares to him worshipping the true and living God. Our blessing is in praising God and as we continue to worship, God showers His blessing upon His people. There should be some excitement and exuberant praise unto God in worship. The more we worship God, the more He fills us with His presence. 


Remember, worship is a way of life!