Scripture printed text: Matthew 14:22-33


Matthew records in chapter 14, Jesus dealt with the devastating news of the imprisonment and execution of His cousin John the Baptist, by King Herod. When Jesus heard this, He entered into a ship to be alone, but the crowds heard of His whereabouts and followed Him. When He saw the multitudes, He had compassion on them and heal their sick. It was now evening and the disciples ask Jesus to send the people away so they can buy food for themselves. Jesus had the multitudes to sit down, took five loaves and two fishes, blessed it and His disciples distributed to them. Jesus fed five thousands men, not including women and children. Afterwards Jesus constraining His disciples to get into a ship and go before Him to the other side, while He sent the multitudes away. Then He went up into a mountain alone to pray to His Father. 


The lesson outline: A. Jesus Replenishes His Power vs 22-23, B. Jesus Defies the Laws of Nature vs 24-27, C. Jesus Calls Peter to Step out vs 28-29, D. Jesus Power Declared vs 30-33


Jesus replenishes His power- Jesus after His exhausting time of ministry and meeting the spiritual and natural needs of the people, again seek to commune alone with His Father in prayer. Jesus sends His disciples ahead of Him by boat, while He dismissed the crowds of people. Jesus sought to be alone to recharge and regroup. Jesus models how we should make time away from our busy day and spend some time with God alone. Because, in God’s presence we are refreshed, renewed and empowered to continue to do His work. If Jesus needed to be refreshed, so do we. Our alone time with God replenishes our soul. And without it, we cannot be effective doing ministry for God.


Jesus defies the laws of nature- Matthew shifts the scene. While on the boat, the disciples encountered rough winds and waves made it difficult to navigate through the storm. The disciples see a figure walking on the water towards them; they become terrified and thought it was a ghost. The disciples didn’t realize that it was Jesus, not a ghost walking towards them. Our perception of reality always shapes our responses and reactions. When Jesus saw their reaction, He calms them down and said be of good cheer. God wants us to not be afraid, because of His presence. Jesus defies the laws of nature by walking on the water.


Jesus calls Peter to step out- Peter after hearing Jesus voice, responded by saying if it’s really you, tell me to come to you. It was Peter’s personality to take Jesus at His word by faith. Since it was the Lord, He can grant Peter with the authority over physical laws also. God gives us the power and ability to step out for Him.   

Jesus power declared- Jesus tells Peter to come to Him. Peter leaves the boat and walks on the water to Jesus. But as the winds gets stronger and the waves moving harder, cause Peter to take his eyes off of Jesus and begins to sink. Peter fear of his circumstances surrounding him became the focus rather than Jesus who tells him to come to Him. As a result, he begins to sink down under the water. Peter’s fear of drowning, cries out to Jesus to save him. Jesus immediately reaches His hands and caught Peter by his hand and pulled him up, and said to Peter you have so little faith, why do you doubt? Peter’s fear caused him to doubt God’s power to sustain him from drowning. Fear reveals our lack of faith in God. God wants us to trust Him completely, regardless of the predicaments we are in. We can perform greater works by faith as long as we keep our eyes on the Lord. Anytime we shift our focus from the Lord, we will start to experience failure. When Jesus entered the boat, the winds and waves ceased and everything is peaceful. Then the disciples worshipped Him and declared; of a truth, you are the Son of God. God has the power to save us every time we call on Him. Declare the power of God working in your life!