Scripture Printed Text: Matthew 9:18-26


Matthew, Jesus disciple, records numerous of miracles performed by Him. In chapter 9, he wrote about Jesus healing ministry on Jairus’s daughter and the women with the issue of blood. Jairus, coming to Jesus on behalf of his daughter. A devout Jew and leader, who oversaw the administration of the synagogue at Capernaum, the father of a twelve year old daughter, whom he loved dearly. Jairus demonstrated strong courage and faith by going to Jesus for help, who was hated by the religious leaders. However, because of his deep love for his daughter and trust in Jesus, he came to Christ with humility and worship. Also, Matthew writes about a woman with a bleeding disorder. Both of these stories tell of desperation and demonstrate the authority, power and compassion of Jesus to address their needs.


The lesson outlined: A. Compassion for the Hopeless, B. Compassion for the Helpless and C. Compassion for Healing.


Compassion for the hopeless focuses on Jairus coming to Jesus to raise his 12 year-old daughter from the dead. Jairus ask if Jesus would come and lay His hands upon her, she will live. Christ immediately responds to genuine faith, because God desires that we should trust and depend on Him. God has the authority over death and the power to restore life. God knows what we have need of, and we must trust that He’s able to supply our needs. Because Jarius had faith in the power of God to raise his daughter from the dead, God was moved with compassion for those in a hopeless situation.


Secondly, compassion for the helpless. While Jesus was responding to Jarius request to come lay His hands on his daughter; there was a woman with a chronic bleeding problem for 12 long years. She was considered to be unclean, contaminated and unworthy. According to the Mosaic Law, she was to be cut off from the Jewish community and ostracized. This woman was in a helpless condition because she was unable to help herself. In the woman’s desperation, she thought that if she could just touch Jesus clothing she would be healed. The woman was healed by her faith; it moved Jesus to having compassion on her. Faith will never go unnoticed or ignored by Christ. Jesus commends the woman’s faith; that made it possible for her healing. Our healing comes from trusting in God’s ability to act on our behalf. Because, we are always welcome in God’s presence. He will have compassion on the helpless.


Thirdly, compassion for healing. By the time Jesus arrives to Jarius’s house, the funeral has begun. Jesus stop the funeral procession and sends those away, the noise makers, keeping only those who have faith that He can perform this miracle of raising the girl from the dead. God responds to our faith in Him, because we believe that nothing is impossible to them that believe on Him. God was moved with compassion to heal those who were in need of His healing power.


Jesus, while going to raise Jarius 12 year daughter from the dead, a woman with an issue of blood 12 years also, received her healing. God responded to faith from individuals and others who will place their trust in His authority and power over impossible circumstances we might face. Are you faced with an impossible feat? Trust God to give you victory over your life. Many people are dealing with hopelessness, helplessness and in need of healing. From drugs, alcohol, abuse, abandonment, forgiveness, homelessness, etc. Rather than give up on our situation, give it to the Lord, because God always responds to genuine faith in Him. Where’s your faith; in Self or the Savior Jesus Christ? Invite Christ into your life and to others for meeting their needs.