Scripture printed text: Matthew 8:23-27


Matthew records Jesus disciples out on a boat in the midst of a bad storm on the sea of Galilee. Jesus was onboard the boat with His disciples sleeping while the storm was raging. The storm was so fierce, that the disciples began to panic and for fear for their lives, they woke Jesus up shouting Lord save us from perishing. Jesus asked them why are they afraid, o ye of little faith. Then Jesus arose up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm. The disciples marveled, saying, what manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey Him.


The lesson outlines:  the Peaceful Savior, secondly, the Panicked Sailors.

The sea of Galilee is a small fresh water lake approx. 600 feet below sea level, six miles wide and eight miles long. High mountains surrounds the sea creates a natural funnel affect that at time produces sudden violent storm. While sailing on the sea, Jesus gave into His weariness and stretched out on a cushion and fell off into a deep peaceful sleep.

However, Jesus humanity displays He had the same physical needs as we do. However, Jesus divinity rules and reigns over His creation and events make it possible for Him to rest in the midst of chaos. Aware of the conditions and circumstances the disciples faced, was not new to the Lord.  God knows our fears in the midst of our storms, and wants us to rely upon Him to calm us.  By calling upon His help to rescue us from danger. Although, we don’t know what lies ahead of us, God does and He wants us to not be afraid but have faith in Him. Jesus is the Prince of peace, and He provides us peace on the storms of life.


The disciples panic because they were fearful of losing their lives and felt a sense of hopelessness. These were experienced fishermen and this was not anything unusual for them. But this storm was none like they ever experienced before, that caused them to panic and call on the Lord. They recognize that only Jesus can help them survive their storm on the sea. When the disciples woke Jesus in a panic, He asked them why are you afraid, you have little faith Jesus rose up and gave a command to the winds and the sea and they quieted down. Jesus demonstrated power over His creation. This resulted in the disciple’s amazement.


After the disciples saw the winds and the sea obey Jesus voice, they said what manner of man is this, who have power over the storm. The disciples witnessed God’s power to speak, preach, teach, feed, heal and to calm a raging sea. This gave them new proof of His control over the forces of nature Many are the storms of life that burden our soul; some of them, like the storm, may threaten to overwhelm us. But we shouldn’t allow them to because we are never alone. Regardless of what we might be faced with, we have the assurance that Jesus is with us in our situation. When life becomes overwhelming, do like the disciples and call on the Lord to save you out of your stormy seas. God is faithful to save those who place their trust in Him.