Scripture printed text: Matthew 6:25-34


Matthew gospel chapter 5-7 records what is known as Jesus sermon on the mount. The first of five major discourses by Jesus, an astute exposition of the law and how it meshes with the new covenant in Christ. Also, the sermon offers a stinging indictment of Pharisaic legalism and cold, formal self-righteousness. Jesus stresses His demands for disciples and issues a call to demonstrate true righteousness, a righteousness of heart that the law cannot produce. 


Jesus teaches His disciples about worrying and He gives some examples. Jesus points to the fowls of the air, how they have no job or barns to store food in, and how He feeds them daily. Secondly, He points them to consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not neither do they spin. Thirdly, He says that worrying cannot add one cubit to one’s life span. 


Jesus commands His disciples to take no thought, become anxious for their basic necessities; because He already knows they have needs and promise to supply them. Because worrying displays a lack of trust in God’s provision to meet our daily needs. Also, it robs us of our ability to trust God’s care for us. Lastly, it leaves us hopeless and fearful. Jesus asked the question, what can we change about worrying? The contrast between what we can’t do versus what God can do. When we rely upon God’s provisions to provide our needs, helps to relieve us from excessive anxiety over things beyond our control.


Jesus commands His disciples, take no thought for your life, food, water, clothing or the next day. But He does command them to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you. What things? All of our needs. God commands us to not to worry, but to have faith in God to supply our needs daily.